You simply can’t compare traditional health care to the treatment and devotion you get from Dr. Stuart and her staff. Dr. Stuart has guided me and my family through a difficult diagnosis. my own health challenges and everyday illnesses. Aside from treating me just when I am sick, she has helped me get on track for prolonged healthy living and supported me both physically and emotionally. I feel at ease with her and her staff and know that I am healthier thanks to all of their medical knowledge and compassion.

This is how healthcare is supposed to be. You won’t find anyone better!

-Alyssa F.


My wife had been a patient of Dr. Stuart’s for many years and has enjoyed superior medical services from her and her staff. However, when Dr. Stuart decided to join Diamond Physicians, it was a no-brainer to join her new group. My wife was diagnosed with dementia in August of 2016 thanks to close monitoring by Dr. Stuart. It has been critical to me and my family to know that she has access 24/7 to Dr. Stuart and her practice. There were many times I was at a loss on how to handle my wife’s mood swings and I either texted or called Dr. Stuart at night. She responded immediately and was able to offer solutions and recommendations. At our ongoing follow-up visits when I accompany her to Dr. Stuart’s office, we are always greeted by her and her staff as family and there seems to be no limit to the time spent by them in ensuring a thorough consultation.

I fully endorse Diamond Physicians and Dr. Stuart’s practice in particular.

-Frank F.


We have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Cynthia Stuart and her caring staff for over 6 years. Dr. Stuart is interested and focused on you, not just your current issue, but your history, family background, and other factors that may be contributing to your condition. She wants to really get to know you and what’s going on in your life and that of your kids. She has worked with all of our children and approaches that with the understanding and perspective of being a Mother herself. We have the utmost confidence and faith in her and have never previously experienced the genuine care and concern that she and her staff show.

We always have in the past, and will continue to, recommend Dr. Stuart to our friends and family because she makes us feel like a she is our partner in our health care.

-Holly & Greg M.


To say that Dr. Cynthia Stuart is a superb doctor is an understatement. She is so much more! When I had my first appointment with her over 10 years ago, I noticed an immediate difference in her compared to any other doctor I had ever been to. The first thing I noticed was she had no computer in her hands. Instead, she took a few quick notes while we talked. In other words, she gave me 100% of her attention and made me feel like I was the only person she cared about at that moment. Dr. Stuart is so easy to talk to that I can ask questions about things I would never have thought to bring up with other doctors. I am impressed with how thorough and non-judgmental she is when addressing these issues. Her new practice under Diamond Physicians takes her patient care to a whole new level. While Dr Stuart was always about preventative medicine, she now has more tools available that help her determine what is wrong with your health or what could become a problem in the future. This information helps her formulate a regimen to slow down, reverse or completely eliminate those problems.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Stuart and Diamond Physicians.

-Jan T.


Dr. Stuart is a consummate professional. A leader in the new wave of healthcare. Always available, proactive, kind, thoughtful and caring. Willing to take as much time as needed to fully address any healthcare issues I want to discuss. Every time I see her she provides me with her unparalleled personal touch. I have seen Dr. Stuart for years and would never consider leaving her or her great staff. My spouse had a massive stroke several months ago and Dr. Stuart came to the emergency room to monitor her care and explain what was happening to me. She stayed with me for several hours during the most critical time of her recovery and was there the next several days to follow up on her care and recovery.

Dr. Stuart is the best partner to manage your health in my opinion.

-Jim W.


Professional, yet so welcoming and friendly. Very affordable.

Dr. Cynthia Stuart is truly the best Family Practitioner in DFW.

-Joe O


I have been Dr. Stuart’s patient for over 10 years and have always received excellent care. She listens. addresses all of my concerns and keeps my secrets (shhhh … ).  I trust her enough to tell her anything. Can you say that about your doctor? I never could until I met Dr. Stuart. She never judges me or dismisses my concerns. The staff here is wonderful, too! I just can’t say enough about the whole crew here! I was her patient when she took insurance and when she switched to the Diamond Plan, I jumped on board! Dr. Stuart’s office is a special place & a fantastic local gem! Thank you. Dr. Stuart, Angie and Mauro!

You all are the best! Keep doing your thing!

-John S.


Dr. Stuart and her staff are the absolute best! I have never experienced concierge medicine before joining her Diamond Physicians practice and I will NEVER go back to another insurance-driven clinic where I am just another sheep in the herd. The response time and service is AMAZING! I can get in on the same day when I am sick and never have to wait. She spends time with me and addresses all of my concerns. The price of the Diamond Care is incredible and the experience has been beyond my expectations.

I tell everyone about this practice, but secretly would love to keep it to myself!

-Kim D.


I am writing this to thank you and your entire staff for the excellent care provided to me over the past challenging year during my recovery from a heart attack and heart surgery. I have seen many specialized doctors during this time and your office out shines them all!!! It never ceased to amaze me that the recommendations and treatment plan you discussed were identical to those of the specialists, demonstrating you keep your medical knowledge up to date. Even with your demonstration of comprehensive medical knowledge, the most important attribute you provided was showing that you cared and were concerned about me being around for many years to come. You were remarkable in getting me set up with all of the specialty doctors/rehabilitation facilities I needed. Thank you so much for providing such an awesome service and allowing me to be part of the Diamond Family.

I feel like you guys are part of my family now!!! Many Blessings in the future!!!

-Lafrancie T., One of God’s Miracles


We love Dr. Stuart! She has been our family doctor for over a decade and we do not have enough kind words to describe her and state just how appreciative we are of the great care she has provided us for many years and often in difficult times. She always has time to listen and we have never felt rushed in her office. She provides comprehensive and compassionate care with also taking our lifestyle and specific circumstances in consideration with the treatment given.

She truly cares about her patients and makes you feel like you are getting the same care that she would give to her own family.

-The Nolans


The Diamond Plan is worth its weight in gold! If time is money, then direct access around the clock to Dr. Stuart and her staff is priceless. Having already developed a long-term relationship with Dr. Stuart when the Diamond plan was offered, I was eager to enroll. The plan has more than lived up to the core principles, including direct access to Dr. Stuart, no wait times, unlimited visits, no co-pays and never feeling rushed. Dr. Stuart and her staff are the best primary care physician practice I have ever experienced. They offer many preventative health related services, too.

Highly recommended the Diamond Physician Plan and Dr. Stuart.

-Peter L.


I hadn’t seen a doctor in years. As a matter of fact, I swore them off because all I ever got was the opportunity to wait 30 minutes in the waiting room then another 30 minutes in the exam room, only to spend 5 minutes face-to-face with the doctor. I unfortunately became acutely ill and didn’t have a doctor. I was referred to Dr. Stuart and she was able to fit me in that same day.  I didn’t have to wait in the waiting room or exam room for longer than 5 minutes and she spent at least 30 minutes with me.  She was accurate in her diagnosis and when the appointment was over, she told me she wanted to see me back in 1-2 weeks to finish going over my history and seeing what other things I may have been ignoring.  As requested, I came back 2 weeks later and she spent around 45 minutes going over my history and family background. She ordered some tests based on my background and went over my results in a clear manner.  She showed me the areas that needed to be addressed and got me on the correct medications.  She is also continually on the cutting edge of new studies, so this affords me the opportunity to figure out more specifically what are my underlying issues and what treatments and lifestyle changes are more effective for me. I was getting this level of care prior to her switching to Direct Primary Care that is offered through Diamond Physicians.  Not only do I receive the same attention as before, but I get access to her after hours, too.  She will even follow-up with me via text out of the blue to see how I am doing.

With Dr. Stuart, you aren’t just a number or a patient, but an individual whose health she really cares about.

-Michael P.

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