Voyage Dallas Features Dr. Stuart

Voyage Dallas Features Dr. Stuart

We wanted to share the article and interview that Voyage Dallas published about Direct Primary Care and Doctor Stuart. The article hits on a lot of key points about direct care and also speaks to Dr. Stuarts journey as she moved her practice from a ordinary  Family Medicine doctor to running a practice dedicated to catering to patients instead of the insurance agencies.

Here are is snippet from the article. If you would like to read the entire article, you can find it here.

About when Doctor Stuart decided to transition her practice:

In a moment of serendipity, I reached out to a former Residency mate to discuss her experience with a chain of urgent care facilities to hear her experience as I had been offered a job as a regional director of a well-known acute care chain. Instead, she introduced me to the concept of Direct Primary Care (DPC).

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
The significant loss of income in the three years following the introduction of the ACA was very difficult to manage. While I continued to pay my employees and cover my operating costs, my personal income dropped significantly due to poor reimbursement and high deductibles that many people simply could not afford to pay.

It was very difficult on a personal level to transition my insurance practice to Direct Primary Care model because I had to say goodbye to many of the patients I had grown very fond of after years of partnership. I had to process through the guilt and gallons of tears. My only comfort at the time was knowing that if I didn’t choose to transition to DPC, I would have closed my practice and would have lost the relationships in the end anyway.

If you would like to read the entire article, you can find it here.

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